Smart Home Alarm System

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With crime on the increase families can no long afford not to have a Home Alarm system to protect their homes and loved ones.

We all know of someone that has been robbed, assaulted and even murdered in their own home. An alarm system with a panic button mode could of helped in these situations.

The problem is that the systems are expensive, need to be installed by a professional and rope you into a month to month contract with a security company. All which adds up to an unaffordable amount at the end of the day.

This is no longer the case with our Smart Home Alarm System. An affordable security system, that is not tied into any security company contract, is an easy DIY install. and can be expanded with more sensors and even panic button bracelets.

You can now put your mind at ease that your possessions and loved ones are safe when your not around.

This is the perfect alarm system for people who are renting. Easy to install and you can take it down with you if you move!

Wireless motion sensors allow for installation in any room, caravan or boat. Making for a hassle free setup. 

The Smart Home Alarm System can send out a SMS or make a phone call to pre-assigned numbers when the alarm is triggered.

Remote arming and disarming of the system means you do not have to be at home to set your alarm or turn it off. Sending the alarm your arming code via SMS is all it takes to either activate or deactivate the keypad.

Easily expandable with more motion sensors and even panic button bangles.

For extra Motion Sensors click here

For Panic Button Bangles Click here

Affordable, easy to setup, configure and use. A standard sized, prepaid SIM card is needed when configuring the keypad. Setup and configuration is simply done by following the instruction manual. The 9 LED lights easily show the alarm status.

Neighbourhood connectivity means a rapid response. The keypad will notify up to 8 friends and neighbours by call or SMS when the alarm is tripped. This will increase the chances of a fast, close responder to the alarm message.


3x 9V batteries are included with the system so no need to worry about buying any. Each sensor gets one as well as the keypad.

The keypad comes with an AC power adapter and is powered off of the mains. The battery in the keypad serves as an emergency backup, for up to 15hrs, should there be a power failure or load shedding. 

The Smart Home Alarm System comes with the keypad and two PIR sensors. The system can easily be expanded with up to 64 extra devices. This includes either extra PIR sensors or even panic button bangles!

General Features:

  • 1x Keypad
  • 2x PIR Sensors
  • Needs Standard Size Prepaid SIM card (NOT INCLUDED)
  • 900MHz/1800MHz GSM/GPRS
  • Call & SMS Alerting Numbers - Store up to 8 pre-assigned numbers
  • Remote Arm/Disarm Capabilities
  • 9 LED Indicators - Power, Battery, CDMA, Setting/Register, Arming/Disarming, Zone Status Indicator 1 - 4
  • OMA-DM Activation
  • Standard Telephone Keypad with Tactile Feel
  • Audible Beeper for Programming Confirmation and Motion Detection
  • Panic Button for Emergency Situations
  • Silent Alarm Capability
  • Low Credit Balance Notification
  • 9 Volt Battery for Emergency Backup
  • Low Battery warning LED on Controller and Sensors
  • Tamper Prevention on Controller
  • Configure up to 64 Sensors/Motion Detectors including 16 Panic Button Bangles

Mechanical / Environmental Features

  • Controller Size: 170mm x 105mm x 30mm
  • Controller Weight: 177g
  • Sensor Size: 85mm x 65mm x 45mm
  • Sensor Weight: 116g
  • Operating Temperature: -25°C ~ 60°C
  • Operating Humidity: 0 - 95 %



Main CPU: M0516LBN

Module: GC864-V2

GSM 900: TX:880-915MHz / RX:925-960MHz

GSM 1800: TX:1710-1785MHz / RX:1810-1885MHz

Form Factor: Molex connector 80PIN
Dimension: 36.2*30*3.2mm

Antenna: ASK433M Spring antenna


433MHZ ASK: 100M transmit distance in open road

LED: 9

Key: 16

SMS number: 3 sets phone number

CALL number: 5 sets phone number

Zone number: 4 zones

Power adapter: 5V/2A

Battery: 9V


ASK 433Mhz

Band Frequency: 433.82Mhz-434.02Mhz

Carrier spacing: 0.2MHz

Maximum output power: 4dB

RSSI: < -110dBm


Band Frequency: TX:880-915MHz / RX:925-960MHz

Carrier spacing: EGSM 200KHz

Maximum frequency error: ± 0.1ppm

Maximum output power: 2W (33dBm) @EGSM

RSSI: < -106dBm @ EGSM



Band Frequency: TX:1710-1785MHz / RX:1810-1885MHz

Carrier spacing: DCS 200KHz

Maximum frequency error: ± 0.1ppm

Maximum output power: 1W (30dBm) @DCS

RSSI: < -106dBm @DCS

Working Temperature: 10~+50°C

Storage Temperature: 20~+70°C

Humidity:  5% to 95%


PIR Sensor:

AP: BS0001

Detection mode: Passive infrared signal

Key: Molex connector 80PIN

Antenna: ASK433M Spring antenna

Transmit distance: 100M transmit distance in open road

Detection range: 6-8m

LED: Red & Green

Tamper switch: Support

Battery: 9V


ASK 433Mhz

Band Frequency: 433.82Mhz-434.02Mhz

Carrier spacing: 0.2MHz

Maximum output power: 4dB

RSSI: < -110dBm

Working Temperature: 10~+50℃

Storage Temperature: 20~+70℃

Humidity: 5% to 95%