PIR Sensor for Smart Home Alarm System

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Extra PIR Sensors for your Smart Home Alarm System allow you to expand your existing system to secure more of your home.

Wireless motion sensors allow for installation in any room, caravan or boat. Making for a hassle free setup. 

Affordable, easy to setup, configure and use. Easy to add to your existing Smart Home Alarm System and easy to install in your home.


1x 9V battery is included with each PIR Sensor so no need to worry about buying any. 

Up to 64 extra devices can be connected to the Smart Home Alarm System. This includes either extra PIR sensors or even panic button bangles!

Click Here for Panic Button Bangles

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General Features:

  • 1x PIR Sensor
  • For use with Smart Home Alarm System
  • Comes with 1x 9v battery
  • Add up to 64 Sensors/Motion Detectors to the Smart Home Alarm System

Mechanical / Environmental Features

  • Sensor Size: 85mm x 65mm x 45mm
  • Sensor Weight: 116g
  • Operating Temperature: -25°C ~ 60°C
  • Operating Humidity: 0 - 95 %


PIR Sensor:

AP: BS0001

Detection mode: Passive infrared signal

Key: Molex connector 80PIN

Antenna: ASK433M Spring antenna

Transmit distance: 100M transmit distance in open road

Detection range: 6-8m

LED: Red & Green

Tamper switch: Support

Battery: 9V


ASK 433Mhz

Band Frequency: 433.82Mhz-434.02Mhz

Carrier spacing: 0.2MHz

Maximum output power: 4dB

RSSI: < -110dBm

Working Temperature: 10~+50℃

Storage Temperature: 20~+70℃

Humidity: 5% to 95%