Nano Liquid Screen Protector

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Value for Money - The pack comes with enough Nano liquid for up to 4x phones, or 2x tablets or 1x laptop screen!

  • 9H Hardness — It's tough & REALLY scratch resistant. Hardest substance is a diamond at 10H.
  • Fits ALL Screens - Fits all screens, flat or curved.
  • 100% Crystal Clear - Your phone's screen has never looked this clear. 
  • It’s Fast & Simple to apply — Apply it yourself. No need to get it applied in store!
  • Bubble FreeNever waste money on screen savers that bubble when applying EVER AGAIN!
  • Hygienic — The Nano Liquid is anit-microbial. Killing up to 99% of bacteria.
  • Super Hydrophobic — Water beads and runs off the screen super fast.
  • Eco-Friendly — 100% Eco Friendly and Organic.
  • Not Only for your Phone — Apply the Nano Liquid to your phone, tablet, even PC and Laptop screens!
  • Smooth Makes your screen feel unbelievably smooth!
  • Long lasting - 365 days of scratch free, crystal clear SUPER protection.


Step 1 - An alcohol soaked cloth to clean your phone's screen after removing your screensaver which by now looks like the Dog's Breakfast with scratches anyway, also use to clean your tablet, or laptop screen.

Step 2 - Open the next sachet and inside is a cloth soaked in NANO Liquid - a Diamond is measured in Hardness - H - and rated as 10 H now rub the NANO liquid - 9 H in hardness - all over your phone's screen, evenly and leave for 10 minutes (also use the cloth on your Laptop or Tablet Screens).

Step 3 - Open sachet 3 and use the Micro Fiber Cloth to polish the phone screen Laptop or Tablet screen.