Lorenzetti Replacement Elements

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Pay 4x interest free instalments when checking out with PayFlex of only:

  • Advanced Electronic & Flex Element - R62.49
  • Loren Bello Ultra Element - R64.99
  • Maxi Ducha 3T Element - R64.99
  • Maxi Ducha 4T Element - R59.99
  • Top Jet Element - R74.99
  • Loren Easy Kitchen Tap Element - R59.99
  • Versatil Kitchen Tap Element - R53.00
  • Personal Hand Shower 3T (Istinja) Element - R69.99
  • Versatil Heater Element - R69.99.

Replacement heating elements for electric shower heads, electric taps and electric water heaters. Typical life span of an element in normal municipal water is 3-5years, dependent on the quality of the water. Hard water and sediment can reduce the lifespan of the elements to less than the typical lifespan. Replacement elements are easy to change when the time comes by the customer without the need for any tools, all in a matter of minutes.

Shower Elements

  • Acqua Star & Storm Element
  • Advanced Electronic & Flex Element
  • Bello Banho Ultra Element
  • Maxi Ducha 3T Element
  • Maxi Ducha 4T Element
  • Top Jet Element

Tap Elements

  • Loren Easy Kitchen Tap Element
  • Versatil Kitchen Tap Element

Water Heaters Elements

  • Personal Hand Shower 3T (Istinja) Element
  • Versatil Heater Element