Aquatabs 8.68g Tub of 60 x tablets

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Disinfects up to 5,000 Litres/tablet

Perfect for large water tankers 

One 8.6g tablet can purify a container of 5,000 liters of clear water, 2,500 liters of turbid water, and 1,000 liters of water in emergency relief situations.


  • Ease of Use — Simply open and put in the water, wait 30 minutes and you have clean safe water.
  • Affordability — One of the least expensive options for water treatment
  • Easy for transport
  • Safe to store and handle — The aquatabs have a 5-year life
  • For disaster relief — Designed specifically for immediate response to disasters so clean and safe water can be provided for the displaced families and communities


  • Saves Time: Fewer trips to the clinic with safe water means less money spent
  • Saves Space: In post-disaster times or the displacement of families, there isn’t space to carry clean water.
  • Saves Lives: Every family can source any water they can find and know their family has clean and safe water to survive the hardship they are experiencing