Our New Store - Bio Cache


The Plumbing Store has been around since 2017 and we have had great success. But the time has come to slowly wind it down as we are launching our new online store Bio Cache which solely focused on our water filters, water purification and our new range of water hygiene products.

With that all being said we are already up and running with our new site and there are amazing opening specials that we have on all our products as well as giving every customer that spends R299.99 or more on an order a free gift!



Make sure to get there now as there are a limited amount of free gifts we have to give away and, our opening sale is only going to run as long as there is stock available!

P.S. We will keep supporting our existing customers that have bought any products from The Plumbing Store which are not going to be sold in the future on our Bio Cache website so do not worry if you need elements for your electric showers!

-The Plumbing Store Team-