Lorenzetti Downloads

Here you will find all the info you need to understand how our Lorenzetti instant heating fittings work, are installed and the warranty that they all come with.

General Info:

Lorenzetti Info & Trouble Shooting

General information about Lorenzetti, how the products work, features of the systems and trouble shooting guide.

Basic Installation Guide

A basic guide on the general plumbing and electrical installation for the electric Lorenzetti products.
General Usage Guide
A guide showing how you use the Analogue electric shower heads and taps versus the Digital versions.
Warranty Information
All Lorenzetti products come with a 12 month guarantee supported by the Lorenzetti Warranty.

Electric Water Heating Installation Manuals:

*Make sure to match up your models name, power rating and voltage to the manual for the correct circuit breaker size and cable diameter.*

Advanced Manual
Acqua Storm/Star Manual
Bello Banho Ultra
Loren Easy Kitchen Tap
Maxi Ducha 3T
Maxi Ducha 4T
Personal Hand Shower 3T
Top Jet Multitemperature
Versatil Heater
Versatil Kitchen Tap

Element Installation Manuals:

If not listed below then the element replacement guide is included in the unit installation guide.

Versatil Heater & Personal Hand Shower 3T

Loren Easy Kitchen Tap

Water Filter Installation Manuals:

Acqua Bella (Deck & wall  mounted)

Versatille Water Filter

Approved Installers:

Qualified installers that are experienced installing Lorenzetti products.


Robbie Coulson : +27 82 566 7944
Alan Hayhust: +27 82 611 6508
Brian: +27 83 702 6745

Western Cape:

Mogamat Ismail: +27 82 935 4900


Mbali Dlamini: +27 76 815 1920 / +27 63 144 0250