Piipee - Never flush yellow water again!

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SAVE WATER! Never flush yellow water again!

The Piipee eliminates 100% of yellow water usage . The internationally acclaimed Piipee Works on both standard toilets and urinals.

How it works: When the user goes to pee, instead of flushing the toilet, press the PiiPee. So simple.

The Piipee will dispense a sanitising liquid that is Biodegradable & Eco-Friendly. 

It works by improving the smell, changing the color & sanitizing the yellow water, without flushing. And it does all this without staining your toilet!

Dispense up to 500 times from one bottle of the 500ml Biodegradable liquid.

Click here for Piipee liquid refills - Available in 0.5L & 3 fragrances!