Piipee - Biodegradable Refills

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SAVE WATER! Never flush yellow water again! 

The Piipee eliminates 100% of yellow water usage . The internationally acclaimed Piipee Works on both standard toilets and urinals.

Refills for your Piipee dispenser. Or add a standard spray bottle trigger to the refill bottle and spray the yellow water away!

How it works: When the user goes to pee, instead of flushing the toilet, use the PiiPee liquid. So simple.

It works by improving the smell, changing the colour & sanitizing the yellow water, without flushing. And it does all this without staining your toilet!

  • 500ml - Save up to 500 flushes from one bottle of the Biodegradable liquid.

Click here for the Piipee dispenser - Wall mounted & simple to use!