The benefits of Lorenzetti self heating fittings

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The benefits of Lorenzetti self heating fittings

Who is Lorenzetti?
Lorenzetti is a Brazilian company that was established in the early half of the 20th century by an Italian immigrant and started manufacturing stainless steel fittings, prototyping their first electric shower fitting in 1948.

Today Lorenzetti has an 80% market share of the worldwide electric shower head market, manufacturing over 70million units a year and distributing to over 70 countries worldwide.

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What is the system / how does it work?

Think of the products in terms of how a kettle works. Like a kettle each unit has an element in and that is what heats up the water. All that is needed is a cold water connection and for the unit to be wired up to the distribution board to its own circuit breaker, much like a geyser is.

The products heat the water via an electric element similarly to a standard electric geyser. Where they differ from a standard geyser is that the products only draw power when there is water flowing through them and not throughout the day as a geyser does.

There is a pressure switch inside every product, and once the water is flowing through the product the pressure switch is activated. If you have any product dialled onto a heat setting the unit will draw power only while in use when the water is flowing through it. This means that you only use electricity to heat up the water that has just been used and not to heat up your geysers reservoir, which now has cold water added to the remaining hot water in the reservoir.

This is where you get substantial electrical savings using a Lorenzetti product over a conventional electric geyser, between 20% - 50% wherever any of the units are installed, depending on how you use the unit.

The savings are not limited to the electrical side of the Lorenzetti system. There are also water saving features built in.

All the units heat the water up on average between 10 seconds to 1 minute, to a temperature of between 30°C – 45°C. Both of these depend on the temperature of the cold water coming into the unit. This means that you do not waste a lot of cold water before the water coming out of the unit is hot enough to be used.

All the products are also low flow, working from 4.5 Litres/minute up to 8 Litres/minute, adding to the water saving features. Your typical water savings are also in the range of 20% - 50% wherever any of the units are installed, depending on how you use the unit.

All showers, taps and heaters have replaceable heating elements that should last between 3-5 years depending on the water quality. Elements can be easily changed without the need of a plumber thereby eliminating costly call out fees and time without hot water. Within minutes you can have your unit up and running again.

Just dial in the temperature on the product, use your cold tap to start the water flow and you have instant hot water on demand!

General temperature regulation

Every product has a temperature dial which allows you to dial in the preferred heat. There are three different ways to do this, depending on the product that you purchase:

1. Analogue dials – These are on the base level shower fittings as well as on your Versatil Heater, Personal Hand Shower (Istinja), and kitchen taps. Before the water is turned on, which turns on the power, you will first need to dial in the analogue gauge to the setting you want. Once this is done you can turn the cold water on and the product will heat the water up.

2. Push switches – These are on your Advanced Flex & Duo Flex shower fittings. These have a switch that will allow you to dial the temperature in by pushing the button to the desired setting. These to need to be dialed in before you turn on your cold water.

3. Digital dials – These are on the Acqua range, Advanced Electronic & Duo Electronic shower fittings. These can be dialed in before or while the water is running through the products.

4. Additional control – All of the products can also have the temperature fine-tuned by increasing or decreasing the cold water flow. The faster the water flows through the product the less time it spends flowing over the element, meaning colder water, and vice versa.

System benefits

1. No Geysers needed - This has a few benefits for existing buildings and buildings that will be built with the Lorenzetti products in mind. Both of these have the plus of always having hot water at a specific outlet if you install more than one unit in the building. Unlike a geyser, if one unit element needs replacing you still have hot water at your other units, where as if your geyser stops working there is no more hot water at any outlet.

1.1 For existing buildings you can either replace all the fittings with Lorenzetti products meaning that you turn your geyser off altogether, or install Lorenzetti products where you want and still keep your geyser for specific areas. Either way you will have a savings on your electrical bill at the end of the month.

1.2 For buildings that take the Lorenzetti system into account before they are built there are more benefits than after that fact. Firstly you can prewire all the areas and chase the cabling into the walls before any tiles or plaster is applied. You only need to have one water connection, the cold water outlet, meaning savings on the hot water plumbing and the savings on not having to install a geyser. This is on top of the savings that you get on your electrical bill over a conventional geyser every month.

2. Instant hot water – Within seconds your water will be hot. Your typical time frame is 10 seconds to 1 minute before the water comes out of the unit hot. This depends on the temperature of the cold water flowing into the fitting and the water flow through the unit. The slower the flow the faster this heating will occur. Temperatures range from 30°C – 45°C dependent again on temperature of the cold water flowing into the fitting and the amount of water flow through the unit.

3. Low flow – Units work from 4.5 liters/minute up to 8 liters/minute at pressures up to 400kPa (4bar) and as low as 10kPa (0.1bar).

4. Easily replaceable elements – All elements last on average 3 – 5 years, this depends on the quality of the water flowing over them. If there is above average chemical or sediment content present in the water this will reduce the life span of the element. When the element does eventually need to be replaced the end user can easily do so without the need to call out a plumber, this saves time and money on call out fees. We recommend that customers buy a spare element with every purchase so that when the time comes they can quickly replace the element themselves.

5. Electrical savings – The units only use power to heat up the water when they are dialled onto a heat setting, and have water flowing through them, meaning that they only use power as and when you need it. A pressure switch is activated by water flowing through the unit, the pressure increases to the minimum needed to turn the switch on which is then used to heat the element, which in turn heats the water up. This is unlike a geyser which would be running long after you have finished using a hot water outlet. The savings when compared to a conventional electric geyser are between 20% - 50% wherever any of the units are installed, depending on how you use the unit. The longer they are used for continuously the less the savings would be. The products are made from thermoplastic which insulates the unit very efficiently, this means that when the unit is on and heating the water the fitting will remain at room temperature with the heat only coming out of the nozzle where it is needed. This adds to the electrical savings as the power is used to heat the water and heat is not lost through the fitting.

6. Water savings – The units heat the water up in seconds, meaning that not a lot of cold water is wasted before you get the hot water coming from the fitting. The second water saving feature is the low flow rates of the units. These two factors can help get savings of between 20% - 50% wherever any of the units are installed, depending on how you use the unit.

Safety Ratings & Warranty

All Lorenzetti products are in the process of being SABS approved with the exception of the Blinducha, Versatil Heater and Bello Banho Ultra which are already certified. Additionally all products are IP24 rated, which means that the water compartment and the electrical compartment are sealed off from each other. The Lorenzetti factories are TUV Rheinland ISO 9001 2008 certified, meaning that the electric fittings are certified safe to use in a bathroom and kitchen environment. All fittings need to be installed by a qualified electrician and plumber in order not to void the 1 year warrantee that all the products come with. The elements do not have a warrantee as we cannot know the quality of water that they are exposed to.

The exclusive Lorenzetti grounding system provides safety to its user and to the electrical system. Through this system, the earth leakage current is turned away (diverted) to the ground, avoiding risks of electrical shocks.

As a system to heat your water without the need of a geyser you will hard pressed to find other products that are as efficient, save you electricity & water, and will put money back into your pocket as the Lorenzetti range of self heating fittings. 

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